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Neopenda is a technology company in the healthcare space that specializes in designing and implementing appropriate technologies for emerging markets. Neopenda looks to address the world’s most urgent global health challenges through human-centred design, starting with their product neoGuard — clinical vital signs monitor designed to provide high-quality care to neonatal patients in resource-constrained health facilities where patient loads are high and healthcare workers are stretched thin. It measures four primary vital signs and provides critical, timely data so that healthcare workers can respond rapidly and neonates have the best chance to receive the care they need to survive and thrive.



The Goal


In 2019, Neopenda wanted to implement key features into their mobile app that works in conjunction with neoGuard. The main purpose of this app is to display important measurements and statistics about a patient. For an app that displays sensitive information, there are many vital components.

The primary goal of the Ekta team was to construct a system that would allow multiple users to access the key components of the app along with ensuring the persistence of data. The secondary priority for the team was to ensure a world-class device configuration system. The third component was a KPI viewing component. This component would visualize the patient’s vitals. Finally, a system to record and manage shifts for doctors, patients, and other users was required.

 The Solution


The initial part of the creative process lays the foundation of future functionality before the aspects of visual performance and style are approached. Our work at Ekta is based on the definition and analysis of the target audience and the need-gap the future product is going to fill. The target audience of the Neoguard App are primarily doctors and the key objective of the product is to optimize the flow of information that doctors deal with on a regular basis. Every single piece of information about a patient is vital for making the right decision. Thus, creating an interface, that is information-rich and easy-to-use was of prime importance. In order to support the mission of this app, Ekta built out the following components – 

1. The Authorization Component


An important component for an app that has multiple users like doctors, nurses, etc. Logins ensure the persistence of data- if the user changes phones or goes on to the desktop version of the website they will still have their search history and other information..

We built permissions and login/logout/register components for users using encrypted shared preferences.


2. The Trends Component


Vital signs are important factors for clinical processes like assessment, monitoring, and treatment of patients. Records of vital signs are complex to understand without proper visualization and data analysis aids. We built a graphical component using Android Graphview that interactively visualizes vital signs, as used for chronic disease management. Our model allows simultaneous access to all vital signs records for the patient along a time-based axis.


The Trends screen shows graphs and charts in a minimalistic manner with the application of contrast colors easily distinguished by human eye. For all the screens, the designer uses simple san serif font, highly legible and readable. Concentration on functionality doesn’t prevent the designer from giving the app a simple and elegant appearance with a touch of style and creativity

3. The Device Configuration Component


We built a screen to configure devices by creating the views using rxjava along with a new table in the database.



4. The Shifts Component


In many organizations, it’s often a difficult and thankless job to schedule doctors & nurses in their various shifts. The individual in charge of this task needs to think long and hard before placing healthcare workers into their various time slots. When done successfully, the care provided leads to great results. Week after week, month and month, this task needs to be repeated again and again. This can become a tedious and error-prone process if done manually using paper and pencil or a spreadsheet. We  built a system to record and manage shifts for users by using shared preferences and timers – Shifts system. This system is designed to eliminate waiting in doctors’ offices, and optimize patient scheduling and appointment management to improve patient satisfaction, practice productivity and profitability. It is the first intelligent scheduling system that calculates the correct variable amount of time that a patient will need – start to finish – depending on the reasons for their visit. It will also calculate the correct variable length of time the physician and all medical personnel will need with the patient. The system eliminates one of the most egregious causes of doctors running late: overbooking. Shifts automatically fills canceled appointments as soon as they occur from an automated standby list. Shifts also anticipate and fills no-show appointments. If the doctor is running late, the Shifts system notifies patients to arrive later – closer to the actual time they’re likely to see the doctor. Other messaging alerts patients to delays even after they’ve arrived.

The Best Client Experience


About Ekta

Ekta is a unique hybrid of energetic, creative, and experienced tech-lovers. This blend makes it possible for us to understand and connect your vision with the right tools, which is the heart of our success.

We are here to understand you and your mission and put technology to work for that aim. Whether it’s getting a hold of your data, cybersecurity, product development, systems engineering, or artificial intelligence, our team can help you put the right tools in place. 

Talish Barmare

Talish Barmare


Ekta is a Chicago-based company providing custom technology consulting and software development services.



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